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Operation Phone Home in VT

Once again, the Grand Lodge of Vermont sponsored the sale of phone cards for American troops.  This year, a new record was set with the generous donation of $7,920 from members across the jurisdiction.

The Operation Phone Home program, administered by the Masonic Service Association and distributed by the USO, provides troops in war zones with phone cards worth 100 free minutes of phone time.  The cards prominently display the phrase “Compliments of Americas' Freemasons”.

During the Fall of 2006, $7,920 was collected from brethren attending the 13 District meetings.  This new record exceeds the $7,028 collected at the meetings in 2005.  The amount raised this year equates to 1,131 cards or 113,100 minutes of free phone calls!

Though three Districts purchased fewer cards this year compared to last, the generous giving of members attending the other ten meetings raised the total to its new high.  The Grand Masters home district, District #5, purchased more than 3 times the number of cards than the next closest District by donating $2,508 (equating to 358 cards). In addition to District #5 members, eight Lodges in the District voted to make purchases by vote of the lodge.

In words of that dynamic duo who used to sell Bartles & James wine coolers on TV-"We Thank You For Your Support".

John Duby, RW Grand Senior Deacon

The Freemasons continue to sell these cards in honor of our troops and will personally acknowledge anyone who wishes to purchase one. Information can be obtained by calling 1-800-479-3975. Many returning veterans have praised the Masons and other organizations who distribute these cards near the front lines where they are greatly appreciated. The cards offer a communication life line to relatives back home.

Send your check (any amount will be greatly appreciated), made out to Masonic Service Association Phone Home, along with your name and address to:

Cedric Smith, Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of Vermont
49 East Road
Barre, Vermont 05641-5390.

You will receive an acknowledgment.