VT Masonic Family Calendar

Link to the calendar

You can create a link to the calendar using the following URL:



Display the calender on your site

It is possible to display the Vermont Masonic Family calendar on your own website on any of your own pages. You do this by inserting the following code on your web page where you want the calendar to appear:

<IFRAME NAME="cal" SRC="http://my.calendars.net/vtfreemasons" frameborder=0 height=780 width=100%></IFRAME>

This creates a frame as shown below.

Because the calendar is wide and this web site is fixed width, the calendar has been resized on this page by adding the following code just before the IFRAME:

<STYLE type="text/css"> iframe {zoom:50%;} </STYLE>

You can make the amount of the zoom anything you want to fit your particular web site.