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Masonry & Youth

Rainbow and DeMoloay Logs

Freemasons have long recognized that youth are the future, both of our own organization and that of the world. Accordingly, the Masonic fraternity has created and supports these youth groups:

The Order of the Rainbow for Girls, and the Order of DeMolay for Boys are two international orders that offer Masonic principals as moral guides for youth to learn leadership, self-confidence, and responsibility.

Rainbow operates with six Assemblies across the state of Vermont, each sponsored by a Masonic organization. DeMolay operates several Chapters in Vermont and provides young men with the stepping stones to become Masons if they choose, nce they turn eighteen.

The Freemasons of Vermont are proud to be involved with and support these youth organizations that provide young people with keys to  unlock their potential.

Want to find out more? Just visit their websites:

  • The Order of DeMolay is for young men ages 12 to 21. It's goal is to teach leadership and the high morals of Freemasonry to today's youth.

  • The Order of Rainbow is designed for young women age 12 to 20. It too teaches high moral lessons and leadership.