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Grand Lodge Officers 2017-2018

M.W. Grand Master

Victor J. Stone
Spouse/Significant Other: Jane
Home Lodge:
Mt. Mansfield Lodge #26
R.W. Deputy Grand Master

Stuart V. Corso
Spouse/Significant Other: Judy
Home Lodge:
Passumpsic Lodge #27
R.W. Grand Senior Warden

James B. Stevens
Spouse/Significant Other: Elaine
Home Lodge:
Pulaski Lodge #58
R.W. Grand Junior Warden

Paul C. Mosher

Home Lodge:
Island Pond Lodge #44
R.W. Grand Treasurer

Theodore G. Corsones
Spouse/Significant Other: Theane
Home Lodge:
Rutland Lodge #79
R.W. Grand Secretary

Earl J. Washburn

Home Lodge:
Black River-Lafayette Lodge #85
W. Deputy Grand Treasurer
Russell J. Slora
Home Lodge: Granite Lodge #35 E-mail: rjslora@aol.com
W. Deputy Grand Secretary
Roger S. Burr
Spouse/Significant Other: Lynn Home Lodge: Isle of Patmos #17 E-mail: bgeekguy@comcast.net
R.W. Grand Senior Deacon
Earl J. Miller
Home Lodge: Mount Moriah Lodge #96 E-mail: earljmiller45@yahoo.com
R.W. Grand Junior Deacon
Leon R. Dion
Home Lodge: Pulaski Lodge #58 E-mail: leedion9@gmail.com
District Deputy District No. 1
Tom W. Swahn Jr.
Home Lodge: Sharon Lodge #105 E-mail: grumpy.ole.man@hotmail.com
District Deputy District No. 2
James R. Chancey
Spouse/Significant Other: Melissa Home Lodge: Mount Anthony Lodge #13 E-mail: Jrchan57@comcast.net
District Deputy District No. 3
John R. Tester
Home Lodge: Independence Lodge #10 E-mail: jtester22@aol.com
District Deputy District No. 4
Robert O. Bach
Home Lodge: Lee Lodge #30 E-mail: pineridgefarmvt@yahoo.com
District Deputy District No. 5
Eric C. Steele
Home Lodge: Washington Lodge #3 E-mail: esteele@blumorph.com
District Deputy District No. 6
Thomas D. Nesbitt
Spouse/Significant Other: Linda Home Lodge: Winooski Lodge #49 E-mail: tdnesbitt@comcast.net
District Deputy District No. 7
Dana Ross Scofield
Home Lodge: Franklin Lodge #4 E-mail: districtdeputyno.7@gmail.com
District Deputy District No. 8
Jonathan C. Hall
Spouse/Significant Other: Victoria Home Lodge: Brattleboro Lodge #102 E-mail: jonhall@atomiccomputersolutions.com
District Deputy District No. 9
Brian Locke
Home Lodge: Mystic Star-Phoenix Lodge #97 E-mail: brian@midnightmountain.net
District Deputy District No. 10
Jon Delmar Eldridge
Home Lodge: Central Lodge #62 E-mail: deleldridge@yahoo.com
District Deputy District No. 11
Andrew Paczkowski
Home Lodge: Olive Branch Lodge #64 E-mail: andypacz@gmail.com
District Deputy District No. 12
Scott Lovell
Home Lodge: Benton Lodge #88 E-mail: scotty.lovell@gmail.com
District Deputy District No. 13
Edward S. Kaiser
Home Lodge: Mystic Lodge #56 E-mail: tucker@stowe.nu
W. Grand Lecturer
William Karstens IV
Spouse/Significant Other: Karla Home Lodge: Washington Lodge #3 E-mail: wkarstens@smcvt.edu
W. Grand Chaplain
Harold E. Newell
Spouse/Significant Other: Jean Home Lodge: Blazing Star Lodge #23 E-mail: hjnewell@svcable.net
W. Deputy Grand Chaplain
Benjamin Brayton
Home Lodge: Mystic Lodge #56 E-mail: ben.brayton39@gmail.com
W. Asst. Grand Chaplain
Gerald A. Morong
Home Lodge: Franklin Lodge #4 E-mail: jerrym@surfglobal.net
W. Grand Historian
Roland E. Woodard
Home Lodge: Orleans Lodge #55 E-mail: rwoodard51@myfairpoint.net
W. Grand Marshal
Vincent J. Comegno
Spouse/Significant Other: Daryl Home Lodge: Mt. Mansfield Lodge #26 E-mail: vcomegno@gmail.com
W. Grand Sword Bearer
Robert Keith Fox
Home Lodge: King Solomon Lodge #45 E-mail: vtmmci48@gmail.com
W. Grand Pursuivant
John Anthony Oleszkiewicz
Home Lodge: Ethan Allen Lodge #72 E-mail:
W. Grand Organist
Seth Michael Hopkins
Home Lodge: St. Paul's Lodge #25 E-mail: oskarhop@me.com
W. Grand Senior Steward
Robert Gene Grandchamp
Home Lodge: Ethan Allen Lodge #72 E-mail: rgrandchamp40@aol.com
W. Grand Junior Steward
Devin Joseph Grandchamp
Home Lodge: Patriot Lodge #33 E-mail: generalsickles@yahoo.com
W. Grand Tyler
David Allen Blanshine
Home Lodge: Friendship Lodge #24 E-mail: dblanshine@gmavt.net
W. Grand Piper
Donald C. Murray
Spouse/Significant Other: Lynn Home Lodge: Granite Lodge #35 E-mail: alba3498@aol.com