Serving Our Country

Waving US FlagAs Masons, we recognize our duty to God, our country, our neighbor and ourselves. Masons have long been numbered among those answering the call to serve and in this current conflict, we once again find members of our Fraternity as well as their families serving to keep the world safe for freedom and democracy. Tyranny and opression have long excluded Freemasonry from Iraq. The outcome of the current conflict will perhaps make it possible for organizations which practice toleration and brotherhood to flower.

If you know of a Vermont Mason or a family member of a Vermont Mason serving our country, please let us know so that they may be duly recognized here.

We wish all of the Coalition Forces 'Godspeed' and a safe return to their homes and loved ones!


US Flag at half mastMarine Corporal Mark Asher Evnin, a scout sniper with the 3/4 of the 1st Marine Division, killed in action in Iraq on April 3, 2003, is the Grandson of Brother and Rabbi Max B. Wall, Grand Chaplain Emeritus of the Grand Lodge of Vermont.


Lynnette Audy, granddaughter of Brother Edward R. Garrow, Mount Moriah Lodge No. 96, East Walllingford, Vermont serving in the Military in Iraq .

Brother Charles Axtell, member of DeWitt-Clinton Lodge No. 15, Northfield, VT is serving in Iraq.

Brother Marc B. Carroll, Staff Sergeant U.S. Air Force, of Tucker Lodge #48, N. Bennington and his wife SSgt Pamela Carroll were in Iraq and are now stationed in Germany.

Gunner Mate 3rd Class Chad Carroll, on USS Denver in the Navy Seals. Both Marc Carroll and Chad Carroll are grandsons of William C. Carroll, R.W. Past DDGM #2.

Brother Richard Cleveland, a newly raised Mason (12/6/02) of Morning Flower Lodge #71

Daniel Doty, son of Brother Clayton E. Doty, Mount Moriah Lodge No. 96, Easdt Wallingford,
Vermont serving in the Military in Iraq.

Brother Eric M. Farnum, Staff Sergeant U.S. Air Force and member of Brattleboro Lodge #102 is currently assigned to the 24th, Intelligence Squadron at Ramstien AFB, Germany and is deployed on temporary assignment in Krygistan.

Brian Fitzgerald, son of Brother Thomas J. Fitzgerald, Master of Social Lodge No. 38, Wilmington, VT. Brian is in the 1st Marine Division in Iraqi.

Brother Joseph S. Ilsley, Junior Steward Pulaski Lodge No. 58, Wells River, Vt. Stationed in Kuwait with the AirForce. He is the twin brother of Brother Benjamin D. Ilsley, Master of Pulaski Lodge No. 58 and son of Brother David H. Ilsley, Past Master and Treasurer of Pulaski Lodge No. 58.

PV2John Lewis in Bagdad had his 19th birthday there. Family has not been able to hear from him since the middle of March. John started in the Shrine Bowl last year and visited the Shrine Hospital with the other players. His father is a member of Adoniram Lodge #42

Brother Scott Hugh MacPhee, member of King Solomon's Temple Lodge No. 45, Bellows Falls, VT, son of Brother Thomas MacPhee, R.W. District Deputy Grand Master District No. 11.

Brother Glenn A. Munger of Independence Lodge #10, Orwell serving in Iraq.

Brother Laurence T. Robinson, member of DeWitt-Clinton Lodge No. 15, Northfield, VT is in South Korea.

Brother Daniel P. Sukman, member of DeWitt-Clinton Lodge No. 15, Northfield, VT is in Iraq.

Brother Marcus W. Williams, a Major in the Marines in Bagdad. He is a member of Center Lodge #34


The graphic of our flag flying at half-mast was created by Brother Donald Gray of Royal Naval Lodge #2761, Yeovil, Somerset, England to honor America and remember its loss on September 11, 2001.



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