Freemasonry in Vermont

Fall 2004

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Sixty-Six Become Master Masons At Grand Masters Class 2004
6 November 2004

On November 6 in Barre sixty-six candicates whitnessed the three degrees executed to perfection as teams composed of members of The York Rite College, The Scottish Rite and Past Grand Lodge Officers brought the new members to light in Masonry. The Grand Lodge Officers opened the Grand Lodge with Grand Master Bruce Pomeroy presideing. He then introduced the Past Grand Lodge Officer Degree Team for the First Degree. This was followed by an excellent performance of the Fellowcraft Degree by the York Rite College. Following a break for lunch the Scottish Rite Team exemplified the third degree with the second section in costume. Shriners from both of our Vermont Shrines assisted with transportation and logistics, Comments from the new brothers were very positive as most were anxious to get back to their local Lodges to sign the By-Laws and begin a career in Masonry.

Grand Master Pomeroy congratulating the newly initiated Brothers.

The Sixty-six New Brothers

The Sixty-six New Brothers

The Sixty-six New Brothers

The Sixty-six New Brothers

Bro. Mitchell Holden, W.Grand Marshal, receiving the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award at the District 1 meeting on Friday, October 22, 2004. There were 106 present at the Grand Master's last District Meeting.

MWGM Bruce Pomeroy, Bro. Bruce McCabe, and RWDDGM Douglas McCarty of District 10, at the presentation of his 55 year Service Award to Bro. McCabe, during the annual meeting of District 10 in Craftsbury.

At District 10 meeting, the Citizen of the Year was unable to attend, so we went to his home to present his award. Pictured
are Bruce Pomeroy, Bro. Roy Ingalls, and Bro. Doug McCarty the DDGM of District 10. 4 of Bro. Ingalls lodge members were
also in attendance for the presentation and his Worshipful Master promised to re-present the award at the next meeting of the Lodge.

Bro. David Seward receiving his 'Young Mason of the Year' Award being presented to him at the District 11 Annual Meeting in Chester on October 1.
L to R: MWGM Bruce Pomeroy, Bro. David Seward, RWGSD Bro. Tom MacPhee, who nominated Bro. David, and RWPGSD, Bro. Bill Seward, David's dad.

Bro. B.J. Stewart receiving the "Citizen of the Year" Award for District 11 at it's Annual Meeting on October 1 in Chester.

Bro. James Selleck, W.M.; Mrs. Edward J. Wildblood, Jr.; and Bro. Richard Hildebrand, Secretary of the Vermont Lodge of Research at the beginning of the meeting where the Lodge was officially re-named as the Edward J. Wildblood, Jr. Lodge of Research of Vermont.

Mrs. Wildblood was presented by Bro. Warren Williams to the gathering of Lodge members, Grand Officers and many other visitors for the occasion.

The Grand Lodge Officers re-dedicated the Lodge with its new name and Grand Master Bruce Pomeroy presented an Ammendment to the Charter of the Lodge to W.M. Jim Selleck reflecting the change of name. The lodge number, 110, will remain the same.

Two interesting papers were presented, "Time" by Bro. John Drew and "Women in Masonry" by Bro. Eric Ginette. A delicious meal of baked ham preceded the meeting.

The Grand Master, Bro. Richard Merrill, W.M. of the lodge, Bro. William James and Bro. William Hansen, recipients of 60 year pins and R.W. Bro. Michael Bushey, Dist #3.

Here's Bro. Tom Johnston, our Grand Jr. Warden, presenting Masonic Symbols at the current round of District Meetings.

If you haven't caught Bro. Tom's presentation yet, be sure to attend one of the meetings in your area soon. Your Secretary can tell you where and when, or call the Grand Secretary.


The picture shows Bro. Adolph Rotak (with beard), Bro. Roger Layn and Bro. Carl Nelson recipients of 55 year service
awards, together with their sons who were present to pin the 55-year pins on their respective dad's lapels.


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