Freemasonry in Vermont

Fall 2005

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Vermont Masons Help Honor Veterans

On Saturday, November 5, 2005, several Grand Lodge officers and members of the Cairo Shriners Patrol & Drum Corps marched in the 2005 Veteran’s Day Parade in Vergennes, Vermont. The parade, sponsored annually by the Green Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America, recognizes and honors our veterans who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. Observers were heard to say that the Grand Lodge officers represented the only unit in the parade with tuxedos on!

The Grand Lodge of Vermont has always been a proud participant in this parade. And, the weather cooperated in fine fashion.

Photos © 2005 David W. Schuler

Grand Lodge Officers “photo op” prior to the start of the parade. L to R: Marty Branch, GSD; Tom McPhee, G Sword Bearer; Roger Crouse, G Lecturer; Cal Keyler, DGM, John Duby, DDGM, District #5; Jack Campbell, MWGM; Bob Coon, DDGM, District #7; Charlie Littlefield, G Tyler; Mike Bushey, DDGM, District #3.

Grand Lodge officers “at ease” during a pause in the march, with the Cairo Shriners in the background. L to R: Mike Bushey, DDGM, District #3; John Duby, DDGM, District #5; Roger Crouse, G Lecturer; Charlie Littlefield, G Tyler; Jack Campbell, MWGM; Marty Branch, GSD; Cal Keyler, DGM; Tom McPhee, G Sword Bearer….

Bob Coon, DDGM, District #7

Members of the Cairo Shriners Patrol and Drum Corps “at ease” during a pause in the parade.

More of the shriners




Citizens of the Year for 2005

For the past several years, the Grand Lodge has recognized one Brother in each of the Districts as that District's Citizen of the Year. This honor is to recognize a brother who has exemplified the principles of Masonry outside the Fraternity in the community. This year we were proud to present the Citizen of the Year award to a deserving brother in each of the 13 Districts. Each Brother was recognized for several and significant accomplishments within their communities. Each District, and the Grand Lodge are pleased to have proclaimed these Brothers as such.

(Webmaster note: we hope to have pictures here shortly)

District #1: Franklin S. Billings, Jr, village trustee, town agent, selectman, preservationist, member and Speaker of the VT House of Representatives.
District #2: Patrick Pickering, Assistant Chief of the Fire Company, Little League and youth soccer coach, maintains local ice skating rink.
District #3: Richard O. Buxton, Sr., Fire Department Chief, Sheriff, Fire and Resue dispatcher.
District #4: John H. Davis, Jr., Little League coach, Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leader.
District #5: Ronald Place, church's men's club, established Deborah Rawson Memorial Library book donations, established the Mills Riverside Park project, first Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Scottish Rite Learning Center.
District #6: Gordon Durkee, hunter safety instructor, Boy Scout leader, President of the Village Trustees, coordinator for the local Waste Water Treatment Facility.
District #7: Chester C. Bromley, Jr., Town Selectboard, VP of Fire Company Board, Road Commissioner, Chair of the Supervisory Union Policy Committee. District #8: Stephen Farrington, State Dad for the Rainbow Grand Assembly, Moderator of his church, Past President of the County United Way, Board of Directors for the Pool Learning Center, Vermont State Junior Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce.
District #9: Belford Belles, Church Deacon and Trustee, Youth leader within his church. District #10: Brian Riggie, President of the local Dental Society, State Treasurer for the Vermont State Dental Society, President of Northern Counties Healthcare Board of Trustees, Chair of Board of Trustees at North Country Hospital.

District #11: David H. Walker, Town Recreation Director, EMT with the town Ambulance Service, EMT Instructor, Fire Department member.
District #12: Edward Phelps, Little League and Babe Ruth baseball coach, maintains local ice skating rink, fire department volunteer, member of church finance committee.
District #13: Steven George Leach, Selectboard member, member of local cemetery board, Justice of the Peace.  

The CARE Golf Tournament in Springfield

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