Freemasonry in Vermont

Fall 2006

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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Scottish Rite Dinner honoring the Rescue and Firefighters of Burlington was held at the Masonic Center in Williston. . The photos below show the National Sojourners of Vermont Building of The Flag Team with Gov. Douglas shortly after they completed their inspiring presentation honoring the flag of the U.S.

Brattleboro Lodge of Freemason's Annual "Ladies at the Table" Dinner, Saturday, November 4, 2006

Rose Cavanagh was the Guest Speaker at the Brattleboro Lodge of Freemason’s Tenth Annual Ladies at the Table on Saturday, November 4th. The dinner was established ten years ago to show appreciation to the wives of Freemasons, the women who are members of the other fraternal bodies of Freemasonry, as well as to honor women in general for their leadership and contributions toward making the world a better place.

Rose Cavanagh is Vice-President of Brattleboro Savings and Loan concerning herself with the human resources and marketing aspects of the Bank’s operation. She told the 40 person audience that her day to day responsibilities extended to Chairing the Bank’s involvement in the Community Person of the Month Awards, as well as helping to coordinate Project Feed the Thousands.

The last ten years Brattleboro Lodge has been honored with Linda Dierkes, Sen. Nancy Chard, former Lt. Governor Barbara Snelling, Secretary of State Debra Markowitz, Representative Patty O’Donnell, Educator Anne Rider and business woman Debra Hebert as guest speakers. They were recognized for their outstanding contributions and leadership in the Brattleboro area and around Vermont.

Brattleboro Lodge # 102 F & A M Worshipful Master Steve Page shown presenting Rose Cavanaugh Special Award of Appreciation For her leadership in the Brattleboro Community and Support of the Brattleboro Masons.

District Meetings Completed!

The 2006 wave of district meetings is now in the past.  The Grand Lodge Officers visited each of the thirteen districts during the period September 8 to October 20, 2006.  At each of the meetings, veterans received service recognition buttons, a Citizen of the Year was honored, the district provided an evening program and several of the Grand Lodge Officers presented interesting commentary as food for thought as we continue to improve ourselves in masonry.

A few evening programs of note were:  an organ “recital” of patriotic music while at District 2 on 9/11; a photo presentation on life in Iraq by a veteran in District 3; a presentation on cancer and life in District 9; and scouting and its relation to masonry in District 13.  All evening programs were well received. 

The Grand Lecturer brought to light the importance of religion in masonry, but that, as we learn in the 2nd degree and throughout masonry, it is not a religion, that we accept men of any faith given their belief in a Supreme Being.  He offered three questions for each mason to consider:  How do we get the message out to those who have chosen to leave our fraternity because of their perceived conflict of religion versus freemasonry?  How do we help the non-mason understand this?  How do we encourage the good men, of any religion, to join us in our work?

Most Worshipful Grand Master John R. (Jack) Campbell, Jr. closed out each meeting with enthusiastic remarks about the health of freemasonry in Vermont and some thoughts about five questions each mason should be prepared to answer to any person inquiring about the fraternity: 

  1. Where did freemasonry originate? 
  2. Why can’t women belong? 
  3. Why can’t black men belong? 
  4. Freemasonry is a secret society, right? 
  5. What do you do? 

The Grand Master has received excellent feedback from attendees on his remarks and how straight forward and helpful his answers to those questions were.  His remarks will be posted on the website.

Congratulations to District 5 for the highest attendance for all meetings: 119.

Finally, thanks to all attendees and several lodges who contributed to the phone card program.  Each $7 card provides 100 minutes of phone time for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to call loved ones at home.  This is the third (and record) year for these sales, the only jurisdiction in the United States that provides an avenue for individual donations.  Exactly $7,800 was raised, and money is still coming in to the Grand Lodge Office.

Thanks to all for making the district meetings a wonderful success.


Presentation of Citizen of the Year Award

Citizen of the Year presentation in District 7.
L to R: John R. (Jack) Campbell, Jr. MWGM; Arlington (Arl) O. Hazen, recipient of the Citizen of the Year-2006 award for District 7; Guy Oldenburgh, RWDDGM, District 7.

Presentation of Citizen of the Year Award

Citizen of the Year presentation in District 13.
L to R: John R. (Jack) Campbell, Jr. MWGM; John Lavanway, recipient of the Citizen of the Year-2006 award for District 13; David E. Coffey, RWDDGM, District 13.

65 Year Button

Brother Edward Eurich, M. W. Past Grand Master, received his 65-year button on Sunday October 15th at the Berlin Health & Rehab Center. M. W. Grand Master John R. (Jack) Campbell, Jr., Bro. Ed's masonic great-grandson, presented the button while many Grand Lodge of Vermont officers, officers and brothers of Mad River Lodge # 77 in Waitsfield, family and friends looked on.

Brother Ed was born on May 24, 1916 and raised a Master Mason on April 4, 1939 in St. Paul's Lodge No. 25, Brandon, VT. He demitted from St. Paul's Lodge No. 25 on March 2, 1939 and affiliated with Mad River Lodge No. 77 on May 3, 1949. He served as Grand Master in 1981-82, and currently is serving as as Grand Representative of West Virginia in Vermont.

In the photo, Brother Ed is with MWGM Jack (seated) and his son, Brother Gordon Eurich, also a member of Mad River Lodge # 77. Grandchildren can also be seen in the photo.

Bro. Eurich receiving 65 year pin

Past Grand Masters in Attendance

Picture of past grand masters in attendance

Seated: Bro. Edward R. Eurich, PGM 1981-83; Bro. John R. Campbell, Jr., MWGM.

Standing: Bro. Cedric L. Smith, PGM 1985-87; Bro. Bruce E. Pomeroy, PGM 2003-2005; Bro. G. Harvey Blackmer, PGM 1995-97.

Members of Mad River Lodge in Attendance

Brothers in Attendance

Bro. Neil Matheson; SW; Bro. Charlie Kettles, Sec; Bro. Rick Rayfield, Chap.; Bro, Gordie Eurich, R.W. Bro. Gerry Maynard, Treas.; Bro. Donnie Demas; W. Bro. Gary Bombard, WM; Bro. Elwin Neil.

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