Freemasonry in Vermont

June 2004

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Tucker Lodge #48, 16 June 2004

At the regular communication of Tucker Lodge #48 in North Bennington on Wednesday evening, June 16, the Grand Master visited the lodge and assisted the District Deputy Grand Master in presenting service awards to three members of Tucker Lodge and one additional presentation on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. Brother Gratz received a 55 year service award, Bro. Armstrong a 50 year pin and certificate and Bro. Whitman received a posthumous award of a 50 year award for his father who recently passed to the Grand Lodge above. Bro. DiNunzio, whose son is a member of Tucker Lodge received a 55 year pin on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut.

Front row: Bros. Dinunzio, Gatz, Armstrong and Whitman.
Back row: M.W.G.M. Pomeroy, W.M. William Thomas of Tucker Lodge #48 and R.W. Bob Treat, DDGM of District 2.

210th Annual Communication

Photos by Bruce and Beverly Pomeroy  




Gr. Sword Bearer Don Hyde with the Grand Lodge's new SWORD.

Bro. John Colby, musician extroadinaire, playing during dinner at Grand Master's Banquet.

Grand Master Bruce with President Calvin Coolidge, portrayed by Jim Cook of "I do not choose to run" Productions. Mr. Cook did a wonderful job of recreating President Coolidge to the delight of the audience at the Grand
Master's Banquet.


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