Freemasonry in Vermont

Spring 2004

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Granite Lodge in Barre, May 23, 2004

CIC and 5 candidates who received the Legion of Honor - DeMolay

Left to Right:

Bro. Theodore G. Corsones, PGM, Bro. Austin Isham, Sr., Bro. John Keshavan, CIC, Bro. Dexter L. Rowe, Past E.O., Dr. G. Michales Cordner, Bro. Willis J. Morse

Pictures by Bro. Bruce Pomeroy, Grand Master

The degree team who invested yesterday's group for DeMolay Legion of Honor.

They are, L to R front row: Bro. Calvin K. Keyler, RWGSW, Bro. Roger Crouse, 33rd, Bro. John Keshavan, C.I.C., Bro. Roderick J. Maclay, PGM, Bro. Arthur Vandenberg,

Rear: Bro. Dale Meehan, Personal Rep. Grand Master, Bro. David G. Cumming, Bro. James E. Selleck, Bro. Austin Isham, Jr., Bro. Cedric L. Smith, PGM, Bro. Palmer Martin

Island Pond Lodge #44
May 10, 2004

Pictured are Bro. Bruce Pomeroy, Grand Master, and Bro. Richard Epstein, W. Grand Senior Steward. The Grand Master has just installed Bro. Epstein as Worshipful Master of Island Pond Lodge #44 in Island Pond, Vt.

There were about 40 brethren in attendance for the meeting, including Grand Marshal, Mitchell Holden and the Grand Senior Steward of Connecticut, Bro. Jim McWain who also is a long-time member of Island Pond Lodge.

Cribbage Tournament State Final, April 17, 2004

Brother Tom MacPhee of King Solomon’s Temple Lodge #45 in Bellows Falls held off the challengers on Saturday to claim the title of “Vermont Masonic Cribbage Champion”.

The finals of the Vermont Masonic Cribbage Tournaments were held Saturday, April 17th at Granite Lodge in Barre. The top players from the several district tournaments competed in head to head play. At the end of the opening round Tom MacPee had won all five of his first round games and had amassed 605 points. Brother Jesse Hanson of Libanus Lodge #47 in Bristol was close behind with 4 wins and 604 points. The other two players advancing to the championship round were Brother Jim McGinnis of Chipman Lodge # 52 in Wallingford and Brother Paul Stoddard of with 4 wins apiece and 594 and 593 points respectively.

In the Championship Round, Brother MacPhee again won all three games of the round and eked out the win over runner-up Paul Stoddard who had won two of his three games and trailed by only 17 points

Brother Tom MacPhee was presented a certificate and a special cribbage “box-board” suitably engraved in recognition of that achievement.

Brother Paul Stoddard was named Runner-up, and presented with a certificate acknowledging his demonstrated skills.

This Championship Tournament was the culmination of a state wide event benefiting the Masonic Charities of Vermont with the monies raised specifically earmarked for the Grand Lodge Scholarship Program which offers to match local Lodge funds for scholarships to be awarded by the participating local Lodges. More than thirty-seven of the lodges participated by holding local tournaments in which the players each donated a five dollar entry fee to the Scholarship Fund. Twelve of our thirteen Districts held a play-off of the Lodge Champions where a ten-dollar entry fee was donated to the same fund. At Saturday’s Championships each contestant entry fee of twenty dollars swelled the total funds raised by Vermont’s Masonic Cribbage Players to just over three thousand dollars.

Our Grand Master, Brother Bruce Pomeroy, (no cribbage slouch, by the way), took on all challengers who donated an additional five dollars to the charity for the privilege. With due respect to our Grand Master, we only offer that his contribution of time playing the challengers added significantly to the funds raised. Our Wor Grand Tyler, Brother Doug McCarty of Meridian Sun Lodge in Craftsbury walked away with the dubious honor of posting the lowest total point score of the tourney but with a win in a challenge match with an opponent that discretion would best leave un-named.

Our hosts on Saturday, Granite Lodge of Barre, under the leadership of Wor Past Master Dave Sanguinetti, provided all players and guests with morning coffee and donuts and after the opening round, with a lunch of tossed salad, mostaccioli, and crustless apple pie.

Speaking for our Grand Master and all of The Grand Lodge of Vermont, I thank every one who played, helped organize and run the several tournaments at all levels, and all those who made contributions to the Scholarship Fund through this program. Our appreciation to Granite Lodge and it’s members who gave freely of their time to help in Saturday’s event. This has been a fun program for all who participated and it has raised a significant amount of money that we can make available to the Lodges for Scholarship presentations. I encourage all of our Lodges to consider creating and awarding a Scholarship in your local schools if you don’t already have such a program. Your District Deputy Grand Master will assist you to initiate one and to secure matching monies from the Grand Lodge Fund. I also encourage all the Lodges to participate in next years Vermont Masonic Cribbage Tournaments, again supporting the Scholarship Funds. It has been wonderful fun and contributed significantly to the camaraderie, which is the glue of our great fraternity.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
John R Campbell Jr
Deputy Grand Master

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