Freemasonry in Vermont

Spring 2008

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Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Brother Fletcher represented Brother Calvin K. Keyer, Grand Master of Vermont and the Grand ldoge of Vermont at the cermony held at the World War II memorial last week at the World Conference of Grand Lodges held in Washington, DC. A wreath was laid at each state.

Brother Richard E. Fletcher, Past Grand Master of Vermont and Executive Secretary for Masonic Service Association.

Hands Across the Border Table Lodge, May 3, 2008

The Hands Across the Border Table Lodge with the Grand Lodge of Quebec and The Grand Lodge of Vermont, May 3, 2008.

L to R: Brother Paul H. Mailhot, Grand Secretary, Quebec, Opkar S. Sandhu, M. W. Grand Master, Quebec, Calvin Keyler, M. W. Grand Master, Vermont, Errol E. Hinton, W. Grand Lecturer, Vermont.

Calvin Keyler, Grand Master of Vermont,
addressing the Brothers

Jack Campbell, PGM, Vermont, Left and Rev. Sidney Lambert,
Grand Chaplin, discussing the event.

Errol Hinton, Grand Lecturer, was the guest speaker

Spring Events

Isle LaMotte Lodge No. 81 on May 9, 2008. The lodge voted to pay the Grand Lodge a one time Per Capita Tax on all of it 24 members.

Calvin Keyler, Grand Master made a visit to the lodge on May 9th to present each member with a certificate to show that the Per captia Tax was paid. Of the 24 members, 12 came to the meeting.

For a small lodge, this was a great event.






Brother M. Thorburn Fay, 103 years old, receiving his 60-year membership button. He received his Centenary Certificate in January 2005. Brother Fay was 103 years old on January 8, 2008. He is a member of Center Lodge No. 34, Rutland, VT. The presentation was made by Brother James Chriscoe, Master and Brother Matthew Hunt, Junior Warden of Asheboro Lodge No. 699, A. F & A. M., North Carolina.


April 19, 2008 at the Dedication of Summit Lodge No. 104, Williamstown, VT.

Front Row L to R: Roderick J, Maclay, PGM, Grand Treasurer, Jack Campbell, PGM, Calvin Keyler, Grand Master, Vivian Curtiss, widow of Richard Curtiss, PGM, Cedric Smith, PGM, Grand Secretary, F. Randall Cary, Grand Senior Deacon.

Back Row: Stuart Corso, Grand Sword Bearer, David Cumming, Deputy Grand Treasurer, Donald C. Brown, Deputy Grand Secretary, Thomas Johnston, IV, Deputy Grand Master, Michael Reed, District Deputy Grand Master, District #3, Joseph Ryan, District Deputy Grand Master District #6

L to R: Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master, Donald C. Brown, Past Master Summit Lodge No. 104, Barry Duquette, Master of Summit Lodge No. 104 and David H. Bartlett, Past Master of Summit Lodge No. 104.

Donald C. Brown and David H. Bartlett received Certificates of Appreciation from Barry Duquette, Master for all the hard word they did in the construction of the Masonic Temple.

Vivian Curtiss presented a Portrait of her late husband, Richard C. Curtiss, Most Worshipful Past Grand Master and a member of Summit Lodge No. 104, Williamstown, Vermont to his Lodge on April 19, 2008 at the dedication of the new lodge. She also presented his Past Grand Master's Apron to the lodge.

L - R: Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master, Vivian Curtiss, Widow of Richard C. Curtiss, Past Grand Master, Cedric Smith, Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary

Unveiling of Potrait of Brother and General Wallace Martin Greene, Jr.

Below is the unveiling of a portrait of Brother and General Wallace Martin Greene, Jr. who was the 23rd Commandant United States Marine Corps, nominated by President John Kennedy in October 1963 to be Commandant. He was confirmed by the Senate and took office on January 1, 1964.

General Greene was born in Waterbury, Vermont on December 27, 1907 and died on March 8, 2003 at the age of 95 and buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. General Greene was a member of Winooski Lodge No. 49, F & A M, Waterbury, Vermont.

For more information on General Greene, see the Arlington Cemetery Web Site or  Wikipedia.

Left to right: Governor and Brother James H. Douglas, son Wallace Green and Mrs. Greene.


DeMolay - 23 April 2008

Members of the Rutland Lodge #79 who are Senior DeMolays and former members of the Lincoln Chapter wanted to give the regalia from their old chapter to the current active members of DeMolay. Rather than just give it away, they wanted it to be special occassion. Along with a few current and Past Advisors, we performed the Ceremony of Light and the 9 O’Clock Interpolation for the Lodge.

There were members of all the currently active DeMolay chapters from around the state present, as well as a large number of Masons for this event.  For more information about DeMolay in Vermont, visit their website.

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