Freemasonry in Vermont

Spring 2015

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Spring Events - it's almost summer

6 generations - R - L:  Brother Cedric Smith, PGM, appointed Brother Roderick Maclay, PGM who appointed Brother Theodore Corsones, PGM who appointed Brother Thomas Johnston, IV, PGM who appointed Brother George Deblon, Grand Master, 2015 who appointed Brother Paul Mosher, Grand Lecture.  Photo submitted by Cedric Smith

L to R:  Brothers Bruce Sweeny, Douglas McCarty, Steven Engels,  Cedric Smith, James Richards and Eric Ginette, all members and Past Master's of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 20, Craftsbury, VT.  On the third Wednesday of each month, The United Church of Craftsbury has a Community Supper, free to the public,  has different organizations help prepare and serve the supper under the supervision of Barbara Strong.  June 17, 2015 was Meridian Sun Lodge No. 20 turn to help.  Photo submitted by Cedric Smith.

Bros. Brian Locke, David Achilles, Dave Davis and Michael Stephenson of the Vermont Widows Sons travel to St. Agatha, ME to participate in a ride honoring Bro. L.W. Greenier PGM ME

Spring Comes to Vermont (Finally)

Brother Art Pettengill of Sharon Lodge #105 receives his 50 year service pin and certificate from M.W.G.M. George J Deblon and D.D.G.M. Dist #1 Brian O Newton on June 16th, 2015. Brother Arts' Lady Helen is alongside Brother Art.

Bro. Art Pettengill is congratulated by his son, Bro. Lee Pettengill of Central Lodge #45 in China, Maine!

Left to right: Bro Lee Pettengill of Central Lodge #45 in China, Maine; Bro. Art's wife, and Bro. Lee's Mom, Lady Helen Pettengill, Bro. Art Pettengill of Sharon Lodge #105, and another son, Luke Pettengill.

Assembly of students at the Sharon Elementary School, Sharon Vermont for the Memorial Day ceremony of the "Building of the Flag" by the National Sojourners, General John Stark Camp.

L to R: Brother Jonathan Park, R. W. District Deputy Grand Master, Brother Robert Wilcox, Past Master, Brother Glenn Dow, Master of Pulaski Lodge No. 58, Wells River, VT and Brother Dean T. Rowden, Past Master and present Chaplain of Pulaski Lodge No. 58.  Brother Wilcox received his 55-year membership button in Pulaski Lodge No. 58, Wells River, VT.  Brother Dean Rowden was the Master of the Lodge at the time Brother Wilcox joined 55-years ago.  Submitted by Cedric Smith.

Members of the National Sojourners, General John Stark Camp. Left to right, R.W. Daniel Ebbenhausen, R.W. Pete Rogers and R.W. Mitch Holden The Brothers presented the "Building of the Flag" ceremony to the Sharon Elementary School for their Memorial Day ceremonies on May 29th, 2015.

A 48 star flag, that was found tucked away in the woodshop previously owned by PGM Cal Keyler. The new owner graciously loaned it to the Lodge for the "Building of the Flag" ceremony at Sharon Elementary School on May 29th, 2015 There is still at least 2 feet of flag tucked up under the backside of the main body!!!

W.M. James Reed of United Brethren Lodge #21 -White River Jct, VT is congratulated by D.D.G.M. (District #1) Kirk C. White on his Installation as Master on May 7th, 2015

The newly Installed Brothers of United Brethren #21! (Photobombed by R.W. Pete Rogers of Rising Sun #7.)

P.M. Joe Willis of Sharon Lodge #105 and District #1 Chaplain, reviewing the Installation prayer and benediction prior to the installation at Vermont Lodge #18


R.W. Alan Grover as Installing Marshal and PM Brian Newton as Installing Master of United Brethren #21.

W.M. Bill Barker of Vermont Lodge #18 after his installation (May 5th, 2015)

R.W. Mitch Holden (Installing Marshal) along with R.W. Daniel Ebbenhausen (Installing Master) and W.M. Bill Barker of Vermont Lodge #18

Brother Tom Swahn of Sharon Lodge #105 was duly elected and installed Worshipful Master of the Lodge on Sunday April 19th, 2015. Installing Master was PGM Cedric Smith and Installing Marshall was DGM George J Deblon.

The Elected and Appointed Officers of Rural Lodge #29 (Rochester, VT) for the ensuing year. The installation was on Sunday May 3rd, 2015 at Pierce Hall.

Brother Charles Deos receiving his 55 year award at Crescent Lodge #66 on March 10, 2015. From left to right: Paul Mosher,WM; Br. Charles Deos; Robert DuMaire, RWDDGM #12.

Newly Elected Worshiful Master Allen Johnson and his Lady, Brenda of Rural Lodge #29 in Rochester, Vermont.

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