Freemasonry in Vermont

Summer 2004

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Masonic Family Field Day, August 21, 2004

At the Masonic Family Field Day in Brandon on Saturday, August 21, the Grand Master was captured by "Sheriff" John Eaton and led away to fulfill his sentence of kissing the cow. Rumor has it that the Grand Lecturer donated $20.00 to the Calling Card program for the privilege of making it happen.

Although the event was held outdoors on a very rainy day, the enthusiasm and spirit of the participants was high and a grand time was had by all who attended. Congratulations to Sister Mary Jane Eaton, Worthy Grand Matron, for coming up with this idea and following through on it.

Others will report how much money in total was raised by the event, but we collected money enough for a great many PhoneHome calling cards for our troops around the world. This program is sponsored jointly by the Masonic Service Association in Silver Springs, Md. and the U.S.O with the assistance of the A.T. & T. phone company. Each card costs $7.00 and provides the individual who receives the card among our troops wherever they are stationed, to 100 minutes of international calls from anywhere in the world.

Heroes Of 76 Hold Bivouac In Williston

The drum roll sounded as the John Stark Camp of the Heroes of 76 unit of The National Sojourners opened an encampment in Williston. The soldiers of the Continental Army considered a request from Brother Clifford L. Hill, Jr of Mt. Mansfield, No. 26 to become a recruit. After careful interrogation and an encounter with the perils of the Delaware, he proved himself to be worthy and was accepted into the Camp.

Having noted that no impending battles were approaching the Encampment was dismantled until orders arrive from headquarters for the meeting of the Camp.

Simultaneously, the Camp Followers of John Stark Camp initiated two ladies into their organization.




At a recent meeting of Mt. Anthony Lodge #13 in Bennington, the Grand Master awarded two 50-year service awards to Bros. Theodore
Thomas and Frederick Watson, Sr.

Pictured are:
Bro. & Mrs. Theodore Thomas and Bro. and Mrs. Frederick Watson. Standing behind them are Bro. Bruce Pomeroy, MWGM and Bro. Gary
Burgess, WM of Mt. Anthony Lodge #13.

Scholarship Presentations At Sharon 105.

Sharon Lodge presented its two $500.00 College Scholarships, one from the Lodge and the second from a matching grant from Grand Lodge. Sharon has been giving scholarships to local high school students for more than fifteen years.

Left to right, Leon Sheldon, Scholarship Chairman, Greg Price, Master, Angela Carpenter, Jody Lowes and Cal Keyler, Secretary of the Lodge. Angela Carpenter will attend Castleton State College and study nursing while Jody Lowes will travel to Salem, Oregon to attend Willamettee University to major in Environmental Science.

Meeting of Rising Sun Lodge #7, where Bro. Melvyn Fuller received his 50 year service award.Pictured are Bro. Jeffrey Knudsen, W.M.; Bro. Bruce Pomeroy, MWGM, Bro. Melvyn Fuller, and his son Bro. Carl Fuller. Also present was his son Bro. Richard Fuller.

Left to right: W. Bro.Jean Rousseau, W.M. Golden Rule Lodge #5 M.W. Bro. Bruce Pomeroy, Grand Master - Vermont, R. W. Bro. Louis Barber, P.M. Golden Rule Lodge #5 on the occasion of Bro. Bruce receiving an Honorary membership in Golden Rule Lodge on June 29, 2004.


Presentation of 50 Year Service Award to Bro. Spaulding at a regular communication of the Lodge. Picture by Bro. Earl J. Washburn, MWPGM.

L-R: Roger Adams, RWDDGM Dist 11, Bruce Pomeroy, MWGM, Hiram 'Sid' Spaulding
George Legace, WM-West River-Anchor Lodge #57

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