Freemasonry in Vermont

Summer 2009

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Chester, VT Founders Day on August 29. 2009

Bro. Don Webster, RWDDGM for District #11 and member of Olive Branch #64, braves the elements during Founders' Day in Chester, VT.

A member of the Chester Historical Society gives a brief history on the original courthouse in Chester while the Grand Lodge Officers stand in preparation for dedicating the courthouse marker.

Left to right: Bro. Chris McPhee (W. Grand Marshall), Bro. Randy Cary (RW Past Grand Senior Deacon), Bro. Tom Johnston (MW Grand Master), Bro. Phil Morton (RW Deputy Grand Master), Bro. George Deblon (W Grand Lecturer), Bro. Roger Crouse (RW Grand Senior Warden).

Founders Day Parade (in the rain): Bro. Don Murray, Grand Piper, leads MWGM Tom Johnston, W Chris McPhee (Grand Marshall), RW Roger Crouse (Grand Senior Warden), RW Phil Morton (RW Deputy Grand Master) and other Grand Lodge officers and masons.

Founders Day Barbeque: RW Bro. Roger Adams mans the chicken B-B-Q, sponsored by Olive Branch Lodge #64, for the delight of all Founders day attendees.

Around Vermont in the Summer

On August 1 Vermont's National Sojourners, Heroes of 76 Unit was asked to be the official Color Guard for the Annual Shrine Parade and Vermont/New Hampshire Football Classic, this year held in Windsor, Vermont. The duties were shared with members of New Hampshire's Sojourners. Left to right are Roland Smith, VT Sojourners President, Cal Keyler, Commander Heroes of 76 in VT, John Ring, NH, Andy Hirst, National Ast. Chief of Staff and Randy Cary of Vermont.

Scottish Rite makes presentation at Sharon Lodge, No. 105.

Recently a group of Scottish Rite Masons came to Sharon to make a presentation on the Rite to Masons in the area. Twenty Masons where on hand to learn more about the history of the Scottish Rite and to learn more about the benefits of joining the Rite in Vermont. Brother Eric Ginette, Grand Historian, made an excellent presentation which was followed by a question and answer period. Much interest from the group resulted in a very informative evening for all attendees. The Scottish Rite is always available to give such presentations should any Lodge be interested.

Two Scholarship Awards Made in Sharon

This year there were two $500.00 scholarships awarded to local students by Sharon Lodge, No. 105. On hand for the presentations were Tobin Winters, Master of Sharon Lodge, Graye Smyth, a winner headed for Queen's University in Kingston Ontario to study Engineering, Willow Manning, a winner headed for the University of Arizona to study Business and Cal Keyler, Secretary of Sharon Lodge. These students were the winners over many other qualified applications.

George Washington Painting Arrives in Sharon, Vermont

As part of the Nationwide program fostered by the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Arlington Virginia, Lodges throughout the country are encouraged to donate a beautiful Painting of George Washington by Rembrandt Peale to their local school. These paintings are supplied with the help of the Daughters of Mount Vernon, Washington's home in Virginia. Recently a painting was donated to The Sharon Academy in Sharon, Vermont by Sharon Lodge, No. 105. The painting has been placed in a significant position in the Academy where all students will view our Nation's first President. On hand for the presentation ceremony was (left to right) Tobin Winters, Master of the Lodge, Ken Wright, Treasurer, Michael Livingston, Headmaster of the Academy, Calvin Keyler, Past Grand Master and Secretary in Sharon and Leon Sheldon, Past Master.

Sojourner's "Build Flag" in Newbury

It was the day of the famous "Crackerbarrel Fair" in Newbury. The local Chapter of The Daughter's of the American Revolution were dressed in their period outfits. Their building was open to the public. Approximately forty members and friends gathered to watch the National Sojourners, Heroes of 76 present the "Building of the Flag" Ceremony. Our team met with great respect and much applause. Performing the ceremony were Evered Hinkley, Cal Keyler, Heroes Commander, Tom MacPhee and Bernard (Skins). Watkins. Once again, the Toast was presented in great fashion by Brother Skins.

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