Freemasonry in Vermont

Summer 2016

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Summer In Vermont

The Brothers Backus! L to R: Bro. Richard Backus (Mad River Lodge #77), Bro. Denis Backus (Newly raised Master Mason-Sharon Lodge #105) and Bro. Ken Backus (Denis' son and Richards' nephew) St. Johns Lodge #25) Bro. Denis was raised on August 14th, 2016 at Sharon Lodge #105

Newly raised Bro. Brandon Tracy (Left) and his father, Bro. Mike Tracy of Sharon Lodge #105. Bro. Brandons' Masonic Lineage can be traced back to the Lodges' original WM, Bro. A. B. Preston!

L to R:  Brother George Deblon, M. W. Grand Master - Vermont, Brother Eric Ginette, member and Treasurer of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 20, Craftsbury, Vt., and Brother Thomas Johnston, IV, Past M. W. Grand Master - Vermont.  Brother Eric Ginette was presented the John Barney Medal from The Grand Lodge of Vermont on July 20, 2016.  Brother Eric was unable to be at Grand Lodge in June.  Photo submitted by Cedric Smith.

Sunday August 14th 2016 was the date at Sharon Lodge #105 , when these 4 Brothers were raised!L to R: Bro. Brandon Tracy (Sharon Lodge #105), Bro. Gene VanHouten (Sharon Lodge #105, Bro. Dominic Warncke (Vermont Lodge #18) and Bro. Denis Backus (Sharon Lodge #105).

Congratulations Brothers!!!

L to R: Brother Matthew Powers, Master of Minerva Lodge No. 86, Brother Grant A. Gibby, receiving his 50-year Membership Button and Brother Glenn Dow, Past District Deputy Grand Master, District No. 9.  Photo taken on July 19, 2016 by Cedric Smith.

L to R: Brother Cedric Smith, Past Grand Patron, OES Vermont presented to Sister Doris Graves, Past Grand Matron OES Vermont with $104.00  for Cancer.  Every $1.00 bill has the letter "C" in the circle on the back of the $1.00 bill. The OES is collecting these $1.00 bill for cancer, a project of the General Grand Chapter.  All money collected remains in Vermont.  Photo submitted by Cedric Smith.

Sharon Lodge #105's youngest Entered Apprentice was initiated on Sunday July 10th, 2016!

Brother Gene VanHouten (middle) is flanked by Brother Brandon Tracy (EA-on the left) and Brother Denis Backus (EA-on the right, who's apron won't cooperate..;) Brothers from Sharon Lodge #105, Vermont Lodge #18 and United Brethren Lodge #21 helped introduce Brother Gene to the Craft.!

Sharon Lodge #105 added 4 new Fellowcrafts on Sunday July 17th, 2016. From left to right, Bro. Denis Backus, Bro. Brandon Tracy, Bro. Gene VanHouten and Bro. Dominic Warncke.

Brothers from 7 Lodges participated in the Degree including, Mad River Lodge #77, St John's Lodge #25, Vermont Lodge #18, Rural Lodge #29, Rising Sun Lodge #7, United Brethren Lodge #21 and Sharon Lodge #105.

Conflicting schedules abounded , so with no practice and never really laboring with each other, the Brothers gave the candidates a very good degree!


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