Freemasonry in Vermont

Winter 2007

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Vermont Freemasons Day at Sahib Shriners Temple on March 12, 2008.

Grand Master Keyler receiving from Illustrious Sir John N. Mitchell, Potanate, an Honorary Membership in Sahib Shriners Temple in Sarasota, Florida on March 12, 2008, Vermont Freemasons Day    

Grand Master Calvin K. Keyler receiving from Brother Robert F. Ramich, President of the Florida State Association of Masonic High Twelve Clubs, Inc., an Honory Membership Certificate

Brother Clifford C. Cole, a member of Isle of Patmos Lodge No. 17, So. Hero, VT receiveing his 60-year membership button from Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master

Brother Wayne D. Rowell, left, member of Social Lodge No. 38, Willington, VT receiving his 55-year membership button from Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master

Left to Right: Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master, Brother Robert M. Book, Jr., Union Lodge No. 2, Middlebury, VT, Brother Douglas J. Wheeler, Pulaski Lodge No. 58, Wells River, VT and Brother Timothy A. Wheeler, son of Douglas J. Wheeler and a member of Pulaski Lodge No. 58, Wells River,  Vt. Brother Robert M. Book, Jr. and Brother Douglas J. Wheeler each receive a 50-year golden lapel button from Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master.  Brother Timothy A. Wheeler pin the 50-year button on his Dad.

Left to Right:  Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master, Cedric L. Smith, PGM, Grand Secretary and Roger L. Crouse, Grand Junior Warden standing outside of Sahib Shriners Temple, Sarasota, Florida on Vermont Freemasons Day, March 12, 2008.

Left to Right:  Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master, Peter Pavlovich, Master, Red Mountain Lodge No. 63, Thomas Johnston, IV, Deputy Grand Master of Vermotn  and a District Deputy from the Grand Lodge of New York.  Taken at the 31st Annual Table Lodge of Red Mountain Lodge No. 63 on March 22, 2008.  




The group at Vermont Freemasons Day, March 12, 2008 at Sahib Shriners in Sarasota, Florida.


Prince Hall Award

On February 21, 2008 at King Solomon's Lodge #45 in Bellows Falls, Vermont's Grand Master Cal received a very prestigious award. He was awarded an honorary membership in African Lodge #459 of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. This is one of the oldest Lodges in the United States having received a charter from the Grand Lodge of England in 1784.

The first Master of this Lodge was Prince Hall himself. From that one Lodge Prince Hall has grown to 5,000 Lodges with over 250,000 members in the US.

On hand to make the award was Brother Glenn Payne (left) of The Grand Lodge of Prince Hall in Massachusetts. Brother Phil Morton (right) , Vermont's Grand Senior Warden assisted. 


Happy Birthday Grand Master

Recently the brothers at King Solomon's Temple Lodge # 45 in Bellows Falls surprised the Grand Master with a party in honor of his birthday. He would not divulge his age, but you can find it on this site in his biography! Happy Birthday Grand Master!

Centenary Certificate

Brother Floyd B. Eastman received his Centenary Certificate from Brother Thomas Johnston, IV, R. W. Deputy Grand Master.  Brother Eastman celebrated his 100th birthday on February 6, 2008.

The Lodge and OES held an open house for Brother Eastman on Sunday, February 10, 2008..  Brother Eastman lives a long in his home, gets his meals and drives his car almost every day.  Just a remarkable Freemason.  There were close to 100 friends and family in attendance.

Brother Eastman is a Past Master of Adoniram Lodge No. 42, Manchester, Vermont, past District Deputy Grand Master, No. 2, Past Grand Junior Deacon, Secretary for many years and a Past Patron of Adoniram Chapter No. 22, Order Eastern Star.


Thomas Johnston, Deputy Grand Master; Cedric Smith, PGM, Grand Secretary;
Brother Eastman, Gary Burgess, DDGM No. 2. 


Island Pond 3rd Degree, Monday 21 January 2008

A most excellent degree at Island Pond #44.  It was the third degree of Brother Derek Judd.  The evening was made even better when Brother Roger Crouse RWGJW did the temple lecture for us.

The picture is Mike Ford, Master of the lodge, Brother Judd and Erroll Hinton who did the work of the evening. 

Lodge Rededication Ceremony at Charity, No. 43 in Bradford

150 years of service to Freemasonry was celebrated recently at Charity Lodge, No. 43 in Bradford with a special Lodge Rededication ceremony conducted by the Grand Lodge Officers. Other important dignitaries also were on hand to support the brothers. It was a great afternoon with many in attendance and a wonderful banquet that followed.

Shown are Cal Keyler, Grand Master, and Joseph Truss, Worshipful Master,
greeting James Douglas, Governor of Vermont and his lady Dorothy.

Young Masons Lodge Holds First Meeting

Recently Vermont's new Young Masons Lodge held its first meeting under dispensation from the Grand Master in Northfield. It is a Traveling Lodge and will meet in different host lodges around Vermont. The purpose is to encourage our young masons under 45 years of age to get to know one another and also to learn the ritual and investigate our many symbolisms. They will be encouraged to get more involved in their home lodges.

Find out more and sign up so you can become part of this Lodge planned specially to interest our many new young masons. Call Errol Hinton, Grand Lecturer today at 802-476-4623 or e-mail

The photo shows the temporary officers with the Grand Master. All Young Masons in Vermont are encouraged to become active in this new and interesting lodge. Committees have been set to nominate officers, write by laws and prepare an application for existence. When this is done and charter members are signed up it is hoped that this will become a Lodge similar to Vermont Lodge of Research. Brothers over the age of 45 are welcome to come to meetings, but officers must be under 45.

November Events

The Proud to be a Mason Tour went to Washington D.C. from November 1st thru November 4th.

Our group, along with Brother Ronald Aungst, Grand Master of Pennsylvania with his lady Norma, who gave us a wonderful tour of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.

Photo taken at the closing of our historic meeting at the George Washington Masonic Memorial with all the officers who participated.


December Events

Mrs. Ann Winter retired as Secretary and Office Manger for the Grand Lodge of Vermont on Thursday, December 20, 2007 after over 9 years of devoted service to the Grand Lodge of Vermont and the Craft in general.  Pictured  are Ann Winter and Calvin Keyler, Grand Master

For Ann's Retirement, Governor James H. Douglas, Governor of Vermont, came by to help Ann celebrate her retirement.  The Governor stayed for over one hour, enjoying his visit with all the Brothers that came, over 75 brothers.

Governor James H. Douglas and Calvin K. Keyler, Grand Master.  Brother Calvin is showing the Governor all of the items the Order Eastern Star has collected for the Veterans Hospital in White River. The Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington and the Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington.  The year is only half over and the amount that was dropped off at Grand Lodge represented a pick up truck load of items for you the Veterans and Hospitals use. 

Mrs. Vivian Curtiss, widow of Brother Richard Curtiss, Most Worshipful Past Grand Maser, 1989-1991. 

The Degree Team made up of mostly past and present Grand Lodge Officers and District Deputy Grand Masters.  The candidate is Kevin Collier, from Vermont Lodge # 18, Windsor, the degree took place at White River Lodge # 90, Bethel, on Saturday, December 8, 2007.  An excellent Ham Supper was enjoyed by all before the meeting put on by the Brothers of White River Lodge # 90.  There were at least 50 Brothers present for the degree, a good time was had by all.



Representing Vermont


Richard and Judy Fletcher.  Brother Richard is a Past Grand Master of Vermont and Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association.

GM Keyler and Lady Joanne
Grand Master Cal and Lady Joanne representing Vermont at the Grand Lodge of Maryland.

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