This is our log of changes made to the web - large and small. The most recent change is always on the top.


Small fixes


Update to lodges for officers


Updated photoalbum


Updated photoalbum


Updated GL Committees


District meetings. GO 1, photo album updated, news from GL with Annual highlights


Photo album updated


Small edits


GM Freemason for Spring 2015 added, lots of updates after Annual Communication, lodge officer changes, pictures.


Green Mtn Freemason - link on home page


Annual information on home page, lodge WM change


Lodge updates


Pictures for photoalbum and updates for Morrisville lodge


HVP update and photo album update


Move VT HVP information from GL News to it's own page. Put on menu system replacing military which hasn't been updated in couple years.


Small lodge change


Photoalbum and small lodge edit


Small lodge edit


Update photoalbum (start winter 15) and small lodge change.  Update copyright


Small lodge edit, pictures for photo album


Updates for photo album


Small typos in photo album


Photoalbum updated


Pictures for photo album, small edit


Update photo album


Update lodge info


Green Mountain Freemason for Fall 2015, picture album, update search index


Update photo album - start fall page


District meetings


Update photo album


Update photo album and search indexes


Update news with information from Annual, more pictures for the photoalbum


GO No. 1, Photoalbum, Sharon updated, misc updates


Photo album updates, GL Committees


Photo album pictures, updated bios for GL officers


Photo album and picture of GM


Lodge info changes and start of getting new officers entered


Lodge info changes and photoalbum


Photo Album, and lodge edits


Photo album new picture for spring album


Lodge address change


Lots of small changes - lodges, fix scroll on lodges by day


Lodge web site change and photoalbum


OES Chapter added in Bradford


Noitce of Annual meeting, fix email address, reindex search


Lots of small fixes for lodge information - Thanks Kip!


Small edits


Lodge changes


Copyright and photo album




Photoalbum, lodge address change

26 Nov 2014

Photo album, GO 2 and 3, committee chgs

7 November 2014

Remove old link on Proud to be a Mason page, Declaration of Principal on page in Joining and on menu

19 Oct 2014

Small changes for lodge information

27 Sept 2014

Small lodge changes, reindex search

19 Sept 2014

Aurora Lodge Master change, latest GMFM available, updated MSA Reps information, update search indexes

5 Sept. 14

Photo album

2 August 2014

Small email and lodge changes

30 July 2014

Take out email addresses of Committee members

26 July 2014

Lots of additions/changes:  General Order No 1., District Meetings, Highlights of Annual, small edits, put new items on home page, GM Freemason for download

18 July 2014

Updated Master & Secretaries to list from the Grand Lodge, photoalbum updated.

4 July 2014

Updated GL Committees and GL Officers.  small fixes via email.  M&S list not yet done.

21 June 2014

Lodges changes, new info for Proud to be a Mason program

23 May 2014

Photoalbum update

2 May 2014

Photoalbum updated

26 April 2014

Lodge correction, photo album

5 April 2014

Change Rutland Lodge start time

8 March 2014

Small changes and photo album

27 December 2013

Photo album and small corrections

21 December 2013

Photo album, new Google map for Hardwick lodge

23 November 2013

Lodge info changes

15 November 2013

Update photo album, fix misspelling

3 November 2013

Updated photo album, changes to lodge pages

19 October 2013

Photoalbum, lodge update

5 October 2013


22 Sept 2013

Chg master for Brattleboro, photo album pictures added

7 Sept 2013

Small lodge changes, picture album

1 Sept. 2013

Updated By District page (again) with current DGGM.  Updated GL Committees which had been overlooked.

17 August 2013

Small changes for Lodge info

12 August 2013

Photoalbum additions

25 July 2013

Photo album updated

6 July 2013

Bio for S. Corso, Plainfield officers updated, photo album, fix error on By District page

23 June 2013

Pictures for the photo album

21 June 2013

Start of updates after Annual -- Grand Lodge officers page done, bios for the Wardens

16-17 June 2013

Start updates after GL for new officers.

June 7 2013

Update photo album

17 May 2013

Update to photo album - lots for Hands Across Border table lodge

3 May 2013

Update to photo album.

19 April 2013

Update photo album

3 April 2013

Pictures for the photo album, fix Fair Haven

13 March 2013

Add Roger's gmcalendar to left side of home page (does iframe to Eric's host and scripting). Small changes on youth page.

3 March 2013

Photo album update

16 Feb 2013

Updated for Proud to Be a Mason - new order form,  pictures for the album

20 Jan 2013

Update Waitsfield information

6 Jan 2013

Letter to the Craft from Roger. Couple small edits for lodges.

29 Dec 2012

Create new footer just for the home page and template to use with it.  Revise footer to be larger and two column: one for promoting youth and one with contact information in larger format.

Update copyright in new home page and footer include file.

21 Dec 2012

Update St. Albans info

7 Nov 2012

Photo album updates

27 October 2012

Pic for the photoalbum

9 Oct 2012

Pictures for the photo album, small changes for Middlebury and Sharon lodges

9 Sept 2012

Update photoalbum, change WM Castleton

2 Sept 2012

More photos

21 August 2012

Photoalbum, Burlington Lodge info changed

12 August 2012

Picture from Cedric for photo album

5 August 2012

Update GL officers and update DGGM on the by district page.  Photo album update.

20 July 2012

Updates for M&S, other changes on Lodge pages. 

17 July 2012

Update to photo album

1 July 2012

Update photo album

29 June 2012

Update DDGM, couple lodge merges (Sheldon and Londonderry, put link to merged lodge on original page and take lodges off lodge lists (district, day, town). Could Master/Email changes.

Pictures for the photo album - started the summer album.

3 May 2012

Photo Album updated.

13 May 2012

Photo album updated

24 April 2012

Pictures for the photo album

25 March 2012

PIctures for the photo album.

11 March 2012

20 pictures for the photo album!  Fixed St. Johnsbury lodge info

26 Feb 2012

update the photoalbum and lodge changes for Granite Lodge

28 Jan 2012

Update for photoalbum including one spelling fix.

4 Jan 2012

Fix error in photoalbum

31 Dec 2011

Updated copyright in footer, pictures in the photo album - upload on the 1st

16 Dec 2011

Lots of additions to the photo album for fall and started the winter album

4 November 2011

Photoalbum updated

23 October 2011

Misc small changes for email address and web sites, new picture for the photoalbum

12 Oct 2011

Lots (and lots) of pictures for the photoalbum.  Thanks to all who sent them on.

5 Oct 2011

Email change for Lodge Master

30 Sept 2011

Photoalbum updated

27 Sept 2011

GL office supplies list updated, GMF now gets menu item, page with ones available.  Added Sept. edition.

4 September 2011

Hurricane Irene infor

14 August 2011

Photo album updates.  Couple lodge change for when dark.

6 Aug 2011

Replace text on Approching the Portal page and redo the portal.pdf with the latest text (same as on the page).  Photoalbum update

27 July 2011

Finish update of M&S

25 July 2011

Picture for the Photo Album, start the annual M&S updates, add link to GMF pdf file on the home page.  Will create a page and archive them with the next addition.  Update the search index.

10 July 2011

Bennington Lodge officers updated

5 July 2011

Updates for GL Officers, GL Committees, General Order No. 1 back, photoalbum

2 July 2011

George Deblon's bio (waiting for pic) and Palmer Martin's picture and biography added. Couple updated for M&S (big update still to come). 

24 June 2011

2011 Grand Lodge Officers updated, Committees still to come.

15 June 2011

With a new Grand Master going into office, we've redesigned the site (last one was 2007).  The main goal was to update the background coding for modern browers and mobile devices.  We did make the width flexible as more and more people have wide screens, but also check for mobile devices.

We've also cleaned some old things out. We have keep names the same to prevent links from breaking. 

Search engine -- now totally within the site and does not use an external site for the indexes

Photo album got a new binder. Added a few Google Maps to Lodges that were missed on the last round.

We do not have the officers and committees updated, that will happen shortly after the Annual Communication. Masters & Secretaries will be updated over the summer.


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